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Island City Stage Challenges With Gripping Octopus

Sartre’s existentialism tips the iceberg of what Steve Yockey’s play Octopus takes on in its oddly dark comic and tumultuous story. . While it may leave some scratching their heads, there’s no doubt that what’s emerged is gripping good theater at Island City Stage.

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Shorts Gone Wild 2: More About Relationships Than Risque

So the Cowardly Lion walks into a gay bar…. That premise pretty reliably lets you know that you must be watching the new edition of Shorts Gone Wild 2, the mildly risqué festival of short plays with a LGBT underpinning.

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Island City Stage’s The Pride Joins Worlds Apart Eras With Skillful Perfection

Island City Stage’s production of the thought-provoking The Pride understands the beauty and depth of this remarkable play —and, done right here, makes us question our history, both individually and collectively.

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News: Timekeepers to Return, Plus Double Down Your Donation At Broward Center

If you missed Island City Stage’s Timekeepers last October, the company plans to team up with the West Boca Theatre Company to remount the show around the end of this calendar year and run three weeks into 2015 at the Levis Jewish Community Center.

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The Musical Rags at The Plaza Theatre Is In Need Of Alteration

It is wonderful to see creativity in approaching a work that isn’t usually staged; the bad news is, when it doesn’t come together, all of the inventiveness is lost. Such is the case with The Plaza Theatre’s mounting of Rags.

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Rewritten And Rewritten, Schwartz/Strouse Musical Rags Gets One More At Plaza Theatre

Few Broadway shows can equal the track record of 1986’s Rags: closed after four performances, rewritten, remounted, rewritten again. There are at least 10 scripts. But something about the drama about immigrants on the Lower East Side keeps artists and audiences coming back. And now, Rags has been overhauled for a run at The Plaza Theatre in Manalapan.

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Island City’s Secrets Of The Trade Examines Adulation

As the season heats up, we enter a period with many openings in the same week. That means reviews will only be in the top four positions for four or five days. To see earlier reviews, check out the red …

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Beachy Keen: Fine Performances Highlight Brighton Beach Memoirs At Plaza Theatre

It’s hard to do Neil Simon well. The Plaza Theatre in Manalapan does not fall into that trap. They do Neil Simon very, very well. Earlier this year the Plaza produced a fine Chapter Two, and now they’ve raised the Simon bar with their current show, Brighton Beach Memoirs.

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Shorts Gone Wild Isn’t Particularly Wild, But It Is Consistently Funny

Shorts Gone Wild is pretty tame stuff for South Florida, but this outing of light comedies with a live-and-let-live LGBT message is more consistently entertaining than some of City Theatre’s earlier forays into an alternative adults-only version of its venerable Summer Shorts program.

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Plaza’s WaistWatchers Ready Made For Ladies Who Lunch

There’s certainly an appetite for WaistWatchers: The Musical — a show for the ladies who lunch as a girl’s day (or night) out, which would account for one-quarter of Sunday’s audience being made up of women’s groups at the Plaza Theatre in Manalapan. (The Grove Women’s Club and Lexington Ladies were in the house at this particular Sunday matinee.)

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