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Summer Shorts Return With a Miami/ BIPOC / LatinX Flavor

City Theatre’s Summer Shorts vibrates with the unique distinctive essence that exceeds traditional adjectives and can best be captured in the word “Miami.” Indeed, the production is subtitled “Homegrown Edition,” but the venerable company has committed for the first time to brand new works exclusively written by, directed by and acted by BIPOC/LatinX artists who reflect the region’s multi-culturalism.

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Cuban Vote Captures Essence of Miami Politics, People, Places

A fight-to-the-finish Miami-Dade mayoral campaign meets gentle romance, a bit of Shakespearean inspiration and lots of affectionate satire in The Cuban Vote by Carmen Peláez, commissioned by Miami New Drama,

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Westfall’s Intriguing Premiere ‘Two Weekends and a Day’ Has Promise But Needs More Work

Susan J. Westfall’s Two Weekends and a Day at New Theatre is a classic example of a world premiere that has admirable virtues worth exploring further, but a serious need for more re-tooling.

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New Theatre’s Cuban Spring Plumbs How Generations Define Their Identity As Cubans

The overall picture may seem a bit disjointed and fuzzy, but the world premiere of The Cuban Spring at New Theatre incisively depicts the complexities of Cuban-American families in modern Miami as their American-born generation conflicts with parents struggling with ghosts of their birthplace.

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New Theatre’s My First, My Fist Is Sincere, Stylized Misfire

New Theatre’s world premiere of Megan Breen’s examination of sexual repression and liberation, My First, My Fist, My Bleeding Seeded Spirit is a well-intentioned but overheated, self-indulgent, ham-handed, pretentious misfire.

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New Theatre & Nilo Cruz’s Bicycle Country Is Moving Gem

The quality of New Theatre’s work is famously variable, but every season or so, they deliver a moving, finely crafted gem of theater to be unreservedly proud about. In this case, it’s the production of Nilo Cruz’s, A Bicycle Country, a lyrical tragedy about three friends who escape Cuba on a raft.

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Juan C. Sanchez’s Property Line Is Promising But Needs Work

Comedy. Tragedy. Absurdist farce. Subtle satire. Family drama. Sociological tract about race relations. Juan C. Sanchez’s world premiere Property Line at New Theatre encompasses all these and more in an intellectually intriguing, promising script that needs a lot of work before it will gel into a satisfying evening of theater.

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