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Curtain Call’s Kindertransport Is A Journey To Buried Secrets

Kindertransport from Curtain Call Playhouse only uses the 1939 exodus of Jewish children from Germany as a starting point as it focuses on much more sophisticated questions about assimilation versus heritage, survivors’ guilt, mother-daughter relationships and what constitutes identity.

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ALA’s ‘Love! Valour!’ Is Valiant, But Too Much of A Challenge

Andrews Living Arts makes a valiant effort to conquer the challenging Terrence McNally play Love! Valour! Compassion! but it proves more than they can handle.

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Once More With Feeling, A Local ‘Hair’ Cavorts At The Kravis

Hair never was and isn’t now accurate reportage on the 1968 counter-culture,any more than Oklahoma was a faithful account of homesteading on the eve of statehood. But what the raw material got right and MNM Productions’ engaging edition gets right at the Kravis Center is the infectious vitality, youthful optimism and the genuine sense of communal love.

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New Theatre’s Twelve Angry Men Plays With Conviction

This 61-year-old Twelve Angry Men gets an effective production in New Theatre’s edition of what it rightfully deems an American classic. A dozen actors give some of the better performances of their careers in Reginald Rose’s well-crafted incisive dissection of human behavior as much as the process of judicial sausage making.

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Laura Ruchala & Evening Star: Tragedy Tomorrow, Rollicking Comedy Of Errors Tonight

Despite the death of director Laura Ruchala, Evening Star Productions’ The Comedy of Errors is a rollicking ebullient edition of Shakespeare’s farce of mistaken identities. Ruchala’s playful play-filled vision embraces every stripe of daft and deft comedy from Will’s word play to slapstick.

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