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Go Find Your Grail With Arthur & Company At MNM’s Spamalot

The MNM production of Monty Python’s Spamalot is silly and stupid.
Thank goodness. This edition of one of the funniest musicals of the past couple of decades revels in, savors, exults, wallows in the anarchic wacky vibe enshrined in the source material, the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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Once More With Feeling, A Local ‘Hair’ Cavorts At The Kravis

Hair never was and isn’t now accurate reportage on the 1968 counter-culture,any more than Oklahoma was a faithful account of homesteading on the eve of statehood. But what the raw material got right and MNM Productions’ engaging edition gets right at the Kravis Center is the infectious vitality, youthful optimism and the genuine sense of communal love.

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A Memorable “The Fantasticks” At Broward Stage Door

The crucial test for whether a production of The Fantasticks truly succeeds, as Broward Stage Door’s does, is the last few minutes. If it’s been a little while since you saw the show live and yearn to try to remember, this will do very nicely.

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POZ, Getting Its World Premiere At Island City Stage, Has Its Share of Positives and Negatives

Loaded with lots of laugh lines and inside theater jokes, POZ at Island City Stage has some supremely likeable characters. Yet there’s just something a little bit too snappy about this world premiere. It tries just a bit too hard, especially when convincing the audience that this lively cast of characters are real people with real problems.

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Bravura Lion In Winter Is Family Battle Royal As Blood Sport

To summarize The Lion in Winter as a drama about a dysfunctional family is to facilely devalue this examination of just how base the human animal can be in the grip of power and ambition. Director William Hayes and a fine cast make the most of the acerbic gallows humor in Palm Beach Dramaworks’ bravura production, but they also build Goldman’s underlying case for the less than laudable aspects of our nature.

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