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Zoetic Stage’s Funny, Poignant All New People By Zach Braff Scores As One Of Season’s Best

South Florida theater critics have to kiss a lot of comedy frogs before they find a prince, so we’re exhilarated when we discover one as magical as Zoetic Stage’s hilarious and touching All New People. What Zoetic Artistic Director Stuart Meltzer and his quartet of actors do with Zach Braff’s material is masterful in comic timing, narrative pacing, inhabiting characters, line readings, excavating meaning, variety of tone yet unity of approach, you name it.

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Silver Palms & Theatre League Remy Recipients Announced

Eighteen Silver Palm Awards honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida during the 2011-2012 season will be presented Dec. 3, as well as two Remy Awards from the South Florida Theatre League.

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Not Even Six Degrees of Separation In Play Reading

If you wonder just how small the theater world is, consider how Paul Paul Ben-Victor’s play This Little Jew Girl has found its way to a free reading at GableStage at 7:30 p.m. Monday with Ben-Victor, Todd Allen Durkin, Betsy Graver, and the corporation of Avi Hoffman, Laura Turnbull and Arielle Hoffman.

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Summer Shorts More Consistently Funny This Year

City Theatre’s annual rite of the season Summer Shorts has developed a well-earned reputation for being the dictionary definition of “uneven.” So it’s a relief that this 17th edition is the most consistently funny and entertaining in quite some time.

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Mosaic’s A Measure of Cruelty Is a Benchmark Triumph

Neither protagonists nor antagonists, the haunted trio at the center of A Measure of Cruelty are desperately seeking compassion and redemption for their separate sins when all they can find in themselves are levels of self-disgust. Your awareness of your own transgressions and your ability to muster forgiveness for others is jammed into a crucible for self-examination by the spectacle of flawed humanity in this stunning world premiere at the Mosaic Theatre of Joe Calarco’s play.

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Mosaic Play Looks At Teen Violence In Premiere Of A Measure of Cruelty

To clarify misconceptions, the drama formerly entitled The Michael Brewer Project did not end up being specifically about Michael Brewer. A Measure of Cruelty, having its world premiering at Mosaic Theatre on Thursday, only uses the burning of the Deerfield Beach teenager in 2009 as the inciting incident, said playwright Joe Calarco and director Richard Jay Simon.

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GableStage’s A Steady Rain is a Deluge of Great Acting

The bond between two friends is tested by their own morality and betrayal in A Steady Rain by Keith Huff, now making in southeastern premiere at GableStage in Coral Gables. Together,actors Gregg Weiner and Todd Allen Durkin create a riveting pas de deux that is not to be missed.

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Zoetic Stage’s Captiva is Incisive Look Inside the American Family

Captiva is a brilliantly observed, finely etched portrait of the familial ties that bind in every sense of the word. It’s also one of the finest works of theater we’ve seen in the strongest 18 months of theater this region has produced in recent memory.

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Six Years at the Caldwell: Solid Performances, Flawed Script

Six Years at the Caldwell Theatre works quite well moment-to-moment, but overall it feels amorphous and, ultimately, not satisfying. It lives in that purgatory where a show has much to recommend it – you can easily list shining moments — but it doesn’t coalesce enough to be compelling.

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