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Immediate Closing Of Mosaic Partly Rooted In Fiscal Reasons

If personal reasons motivated Richard Jay Simon’s resignation from the Mosaic Theatre that he founded, it was money that caused his board to close his “baby” Sunday, according to Simon and board chairman Myron Levy in interviews Monday.
The company was not in dire financial straits although it was struggling with a temporary cash flow problem, Simon said. But the board believed Simon’s planned departure at the end of this 12th season would create a financial setback that they could not overcome, Levy said.

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Mosaic Theatre Closes Immediately With Resignation Of Richard Jay Simon

Mosaic Theatre, one of the most respected theater companies in the region, is closing immediately, a decision made Monday by its board of directors, according to an announcement Sunday night. The closing was prompted by the resignation of its founder and Executive/Artistic Director Richard Jay Simon, also disclosed Sunday.

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Mosaic’s Birds Is Insightful Sociological Drama Not Hitchcockian Thriller

Cannily, there is not a feather in sight during the entire 85-minute The Birds at the Mosaic Theatre — appropriate because the subject is not an eerie avian apocalypse, but how humanity reacts under extreme pressure. Conor McPherson’s adaptation is far more a sociological morality tale than Daphne du Maurier’s 1952 suspenseful novelette or Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 pure thriller.

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Silver Palms & Theatre League Remy Recipients Announced

Eighteen Silver Palm Awards honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida during the 2011-2012 season will be presented Dec. 3, as well as two Remy Awards from the South Florida Theatre League.

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Mosaic’s Madman Blessed With Ken Clement’s Tour De Force

The deteriorating orbit into insanity is tracked with impressive skill and infinite variety in Ken Clement’s bravura tour de force as the government drone Poprishchin under Richard Jay Simon’s direction in Mosaic Theatre’s 12th season opener, The Diary of a Madman.

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Peek Behind The Curtain: Season Preview 2012-2013

The 2012-2013 season of South Florida theater promises a continued arc toward more new works and thought-provoking titles ripped fresh off the New York stages, sprinkled with enough perennials and confections to remind us that theater is as much about entertainment as catharsis. Check out our season calendars (click here and here) which document about 250 of the even larger list of offerings.

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Mosaic’s Edge Of Our Bodies Is Provocative If Confusing Drama

Playwright Adam Rapp shares Beckett’s indifference to whether audiences comprehend his idiosyncratic depiction of his dark vision. But in Mosaic Theatre’s The Edge of Our Bodies, he also is writing something of weight and worth, even if you’re not at all certain what it is.

Which brings us to Rapp’s The Edge of Our Bodies closing out Mosaic Theatre’s season. This extended monologue by a high school girl reading from her journal and acting out what she has written is by turns illuminating and opaque, precise and equivocal, comprehensible and incomprehensible.

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Mosaic’s New Season: Bengal Tiger, Conor McPherson, Madman (Not Mad Men) And The Old Reliable TBA

Mosaic Theatre continues its pirouette along the leading edge of modern drama with the announcements of its 2012-2013 season that includes two works by up-and-comer Rajiv Joseph playing in repertory, a new work by Conor McPherson and an acclaimed modern adaptation of Gogol’s classic The Diary of a Madman.

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Students Win Video Contest at Mosaic

Mosaic Theatre has announced the winners of its Stop! The Violence Video Contest that in ran this spring in conjunction with its recently-closed production of A Measure of Cruelty, a drama inspired by the Michael Brewer tragedy.

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Take A Chance On Mosaic Casino Fundraiser Next Week

All theater is a risky proposition, emotionally, artistically and financially. You can have a taste of that on June 2 at Mosaic Theatre’s fund raiser, its 2nd annual Monte Carlo Night at Bonaventure Country Club in Weston.

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