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Fight It If You Want, Mamma Mia! Still Indomitably Infectious

Mamma Mia! is another one of those Great Continental Divides in theater: you either love it – or you hate yourself for standing up and clapping along in the final mega-mix medley of infectious earwigs. As proven by Actors’ Playhouse’s full-out production, the damn thing can be a lot of good ol’ fun if you let yourself enjoy it.

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Actors’ Playhouse Solo Comedy Buyer & Cellar: Hello Gorgeous

A message is wrapped inside Buyer & Cellar about our relationship with celebrities, but it is only the anchor grounding Actors’ Playhouse’s hilarious trip down Alice’s rabbit hole, or more precisely Barbra Streisand’s basement with Chris Crawford’s tour de force.

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Affecting ‘The Tin Woman’ Plumbs Depths of The Heart

A double sense of “life after death” pervades the touching and beautifully rendered The Tin Woman drama suffused with wit now playing at Actors Playhouse as spring slides into summer.

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Hard-Working Cast Can’t Save The Trial Of Ebenezer Scrooge

Actors Playhouse’s production of The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge has a talented cast working hard under the direction of David Arisco, but good grief, what a waste of the resources of Mark Brown’s lame script. For one hours and forty minutes (including intermission), the audiences waits and waits for a single new riff in the Scrooge story, even a shred of logic explaining Brown’s basic premise.

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Halloween Comes Early With Spoofy Musical Toxic Avenger

Somewhere under the green slime encrusted set of The Toxic Avenger at Actors Playhouse, a nuclear plant must be melting down all China Syndrome like. That might explain the raw power emanating from this hilarious hoot of a rock musical.

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Hirschman’s Solely Subjective Summation Of Shows That Shouldn’t Be Missed

These are not at all necessarily what we predict will be the best shows this season (although they may be) or the best attended or the most popular or the most award-winning. We don’t care. These are the shows we most want to see for a variety of reasons.

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Fine Cast Still Can’t Make Book Club Much Of A Page Turner

Professionalism is the only explanation why this much talent—the cream of South Florida theater from the director to the cast to the creative team — invested itself so deeply into the flawed frippery of The Book Club Play at Actors’ Playhouse.

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Ragtime: A Slide Show Of Rehearsals And Life Back Stage At Actors’ Playhouse

For years, George Schiavone has been documenting life back stage. Since the beginning of rehearsals of Actors’ Playhouse’s Ragtime, he has been shooting photos of the rehearsal and production process. His shots document the sweat, concentration and even boredom required of theatrical artists.

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New Seasons In Spotlight At The Wick And Actors’ Playhouse

Familiar titles and lesser known shows punctuate the 2015-2016 schedules released this week for The Wick Theatre in Boca Raton and Actors Playhouse on the Miracle Mile, ranging from West Side Story to Curtains.

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Trot Out The Superlatives For Actors’ Playhouse’s Ragtime

As far as large-scale Broadway musicals, Ragtime stands as Actors’ finest mainstream work ever, as accessible and satisfying as it is passionate and thoughtful. Anyone who cares about musical theater, or theater in general, should make a special effort to see this production.

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