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Florida Grand Opera Dives Into Georges Bizet’s Pearl Fishers

The audience is not likely to be emotionally transported by the Florida Grand Opera’s production of Georges Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers, but the skills of the principal singers exuding unusually convincing passion make the evening worth a visit

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Florida Grand Opera To Stay In Broward Center In 2015-16

The Florida Grand Opera will continue to perform in Broward County next season. The financially-challenged FGO did not quite raise the $600,000 that officials said they needed. Vut an anonymous philanthropist who volunteered last month to match individual donors’ funds has agreed also to make up the $15,620 shortfall.

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FGO Extends Broward Deadline; Reveals 2015-2016 Season

Florida Grand Opera has extended its deadline two weeks to raise enough money to continue performing next season at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.

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FGO’s Cosi Fan Tutte Is Hilariously Comic And Indefensibly Cruel

At the end of Florida Grand Opera’s beautifully performed and comical edition of the Mozart farce Cosi Fan Tutte, you’ll want to take the heroes into a dark alley and beat them with a two-by-four.
By successfully depicting the sadistic emotional vise that the heroines are crushed in, director Bernard Uzan and a glorious cast intentionally or unintentionally gut the opera’s blithe misogynistic ethos.

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Anonymous Patron To Match Donations Needed To Keep Florida Opera in Broward

An anonymous donor has pledged to match any donation to keep Florida Grand Opera from eliminating Fort Lauderdale performances from its 2015-2016 season, the company announced Monday. But without pledges from other donors by Jan. 31 to be matched, large-scale opera productions would disappear from Broward County

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FGO’s Madama Butterfly Soars Thanks to Diva’s Performance

In 2014, no one should be able to make the ludicrous thrust of Madama Butterfly remotely credible, yet Florida Grand Opera’s 74th season opener produces a perfectly plausible tale of an abandoned woman’s impossible devotion to a love unworthy of her goodness. Much of this is due Kelly Kaduce’s enchanting performance.

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The Coming South Florida Theater Season Is As Much About Where As What

Usually there isn’t anything sexy or newsworthy about real estate in the world of theater unless it’s Glengarry Glen Ross. But as the season approaches, South Florida hasn’t seen so much packing and unpacking, opening tubes of Ben Gay, filling out of change-of-address cards, remodeling, scanning blueprints and updating websites as in the past season and the one coming up

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FGO’s Thais Is Equally Lovely With Or Without Voices

Although Eglise Gutiérrez’s performance in the title role of Thais is indeed glorious, equally fascinating in the current edition at Florida Grand Opera is what happens when no one is singing.

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Murder, Betrayal and Baritones: FGO Delivers Soaring Tosca

One advantage of Florida Grand Opera mounting a beloved classic is the audience knows when it’s being done well, and the audience opening night certainly recognized the current revival of the Tosca as a thoroughly entertaining, satisfying and solidly-executed edition.

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Bored? 10 Openings This Week And 5 Next Week, 4 Last Week And That’s Not All, Folks

In addition to the two major productions still running that opened earlier this month and the four productions that opened last week, there will be 10 – count ‘em 10 – productions opening this week, not to mention five more opening the following week.

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