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News Briefs: Ehly’s Baby GirL Takes Big Step, Gheridian Honored, FPTA & PPTOPA Auds

Breathtaking, earth-shattering news of international importance that will change the way you look at your spouses, your children and your lives.

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Kutumba’s Julie Johnson Is Enchanting Synergistic Theater

Taking a play that could easily be average and creating an inspired work is a thing of theater beauty. It comes from a director’s ability to envision what they want and go full in and, then it’s having actors who can help to further that vision. When there’s that synergy, it’s like watching magic unfold onstage. Such is Kutumba’s Julie Johnson.

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Kutumba Plans Julie Johnson, Plus New Play, Outlaw Jean

There are theater companies, when planning a season, that pick a theme, but for Kutumba Theatre Project, the coincidence was kismet — or in true Kutumba fashion, plucky luck.

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Kutumba’s The Beebo Brinker Chronicles About Lesbians In The 1950s Doesn’t Quite Gel

The question nagging Kutumba Theatre Project’s The Beebo Brinker Chronicles was what did it want to be? Farce? Drama? Satire? Soap opera? A lampoon of 1950’s pulp novels? An homage to 1950’s pulp novels? If it was all of the above, it didn’t meld into a cohesive whole, even when isolated moments worked as farce, soap opera, homage or lampoon.

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Shorts Gone Wild Isn’t Particularly Wild, But It Is Consistently Funny

Shorts Gone Wild is pretty tame stuff for South Florida, but this outing of light comedies with a live-and-let-live LGBT message is more consistently entertaining than some of City Theatre’s earlier forays into an alternative adults-only version of its venerable Summer Shorts program.

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Women’s Theatre Project Celebrates Lesbian Themes With Girl Play Festival

If, as La Cage aux Folles’ Zaza suggests looking at life from a different angle, The Women’s Theatre Project’s annual Girl Play series of staged readings June 21-23 examines life from yet another point of view. Girl Play is comprised of three programs featuring readings of 16 short plays with lesbian themes, by straight and lesbian playwrights.

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Thinking Cap’s Intriguing If Flawed Tragedy Waafrika Stuns With Harrowing Climax

Thinking Cap Theatre’s production of Nick Hadikwa Mwaluko’s Waafrika is a deeply earnest and illuminating if imperfect examination of the tragic toxicity of tradition. But even Waafrika’s flaws are washed away by one of the most harrowing finales seen on a local stage.

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Silver Palms & Theatre League Remy Recipients Announced

Eighteen Silver Palm Awards honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida during the 2011-2012 season will be presented Dec. 3, as well as two Remy Awards from the South Florida Theatre League.

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Kim Ehly Delivers Welcome Addition With Baby GirL

Kim Ehly’s touching and rollicking play Baby GirL, the inaugural effort of her newly-minted Kutumba Theatre Project in association with Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale,is a wryly comic look at a young lesbian searching for her birth mother is an infectiously endearing tale of how we make our own families.

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