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Spamalot Is Supremely Silly And Delightfully Demented Fun

A delightfully demented cast enhanced by the inventive imagination of chief jester/director David Arisco and choreographer Ron Hutchins make Actors’ Playhouse’s Spamalot a satisfying pleasure even on its fourth or fifth visit.

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Sondheim’s Dark Musical Assassins Is A Triumphant Bullseye From Zoetic

Zoetic Stage director Stuart Meltzer and a superb collection of actors and designers have scored, forgive me, a bull’s eye with this production of Assassins. . Any Stephen Sondheim fan understands that his work is not everyone’s cup of saltpeter. But for those who seek intelligent, thought-provoking musical theater, there are few pieces as superb as this.

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Zoetic’s Savannah Disputation Lampoons Religious Zealotry

“Act as if ye had faith and faith shall be given ye” goes the maxim and the performers in Zoetic Stage’s production of The Savannah Disputation seem to have taken it as their watchword. They and director Stuart Meltzer have invested every bit of their considerable talent making a flawed, one-and-a-half-dimensional script into a terribly funny and mildly thought-provoking evening about religious certitude.

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Backwoods Farce About Abuse Exit Pursued By A Bear Is A Hoot

Yards and yards of duct tape, a dead deer, a timely taser, emperor penguins, Shakespeare, a shotgun, Anderson Cooper, President Jimmy Carter and the titular ursine creature all are ingredients in this unalloyed hoot of an anti-spousal abuse comedy, Exit, Pursued By A Bear at the Theatre At Arts Garage.

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Silver Palms & Theatre League Remy Recipients Announced

Eighteen Silver Palm Awards honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida during the 2011-2012 season will be presented Dec. 3, as well as two Remy Awards from the South Florida Theatre League.

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Slow Burn’s Delightful Spoof Xanadu Skates On Campy Humor

A goofball sensibility drenches Slow Burn Theatre Company’s first summer froth-fest, the loopy lampoon of the flop movie musical Xanadu. To be truthful, the company was far funnier, crisper and engaging in Urinetown, but it would take a congenital curmudgeon not to acknowledge that the troupe’s enthusiasm is incurably infectious and winning.

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Slow Burn’s Urinetown Will Make You Laugh ‘Til You… Well…

Slow Burn Theatre’s production of Urinetown the Musical marks another milestone in the young troupe’s evolution as a reliable purveyor of edgy, offbeat musical theater that few other mainstream companies have the courage to produce.

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Slow Burn’s Rocky Horror is Irreverent Fun

This paean to hedonism doesn’t need a critic’s affirmation. It is exactly what it wants to be: big, silly, mindless, nose-thumbing, irreverent fun.

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