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Breaking News: The Women’s Theatre Project Closes For Good

The Women’s Theatre Project, the Carbonell-nominated company focused on works by and about women, is closing after 33 productions over 14 years. TWTP won strong support among theatergoers of both sexes, but developed a particular following among lesbians who rarely saw their lives reflected in the region’s theatrical offerings.

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Girl Play Plays Play This Weekend In Wilton Manors

The fifth annual celebration of theater that investigates what it means to be a lesbian in the 21st Century kicks off this Friday with Girl Play, staged readings of short plays sponsored by The Women’s Theatre Project.

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Actress, Director Make Lukewarm Patriot Red Hot

Among the reasons to see The Women’s Theatre Project’s Red Hot Patriot are Carbonell Award-winner Barbara Bradshaw as she holds court for 68 minutes in a one-woman show about Texas journalist Molly Ivins. Secondly is to see Genie Croft’s brilliant direction. The least inviting is Margaret Engel and Allison Engel’s cobbled together script.

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Nicky Silver’s The Lyons Scores As Jet Black Satire Of Dysfunctional Family

Nicky Silver’s wickedly hilarious satire The Lyons about self-centered souls in the most dysfunctional family ever seen, on display at The Women’s Theatre Project, hides a deeper portrait of wounded people still seeking the affirmation that they never got from the people who society says should have been their primary nurturers.

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A Quiet, Lazy Holiday: 29 Shows Play South Florida This Month

There may be 12 days of Christmas, eight days of Hannukah and seven days of Kwanzaa, but there are 31 days of theater in South Florida underscored by the coming week in which at least 11 shows are opening in addition to at least 11 already open and at least seven more opening later.

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Florida’s 2013-2014 Season Champions New & Newish Works

Encouraging trends emerge while poking among the entrails of the new season schedules for South Florida theater. Among them: an emphasis on new and newer works as producers and artistic directors try to seduce younger audiences, meaning people under 70.

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Women’s Theatre Project Celebrates Lesbian Themes With Girl Play Festival

If, as La Cage aux Folles’ Zaza suggests looking at life from a different angle, The Women’s Theatre Project’s annual Girl Play series of staged readings June 21-23 examines life from yet another point of view. Girl Play is comprised of three programs featuring readings of 16 short plays with lesbian themes, by straight and lesbian playwrights.

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The Interview Is Even Better The Second Time Around

Four years ago, The Women’s Theatre Project mounted Faye Sholiton’s The Interview about the persisting damage that the Holocaust wreaked across generations. As solid as the first production was, this edition is a significantly deeper, more moving rendition elevated by acting that has only become richer with time. This likely stands among the company’s finest offerings.

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Women’s Theatre Project Rises Again In Boca Raton

When The Women’s Theatre Project leaders announced in February that they had lost their performing space in Fort Lauderdale, some pessimists feared its unique voice would slide into limbo. But the 11-year-old company has slated two shows at the Willow Theatre in Sugar Sand Park in Boca Raton in November and January.

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StageBill Blog: Looking Back At The Year of the Sea Change

In real life, we rarely have the clarity of identifiable watersheds as heroes discover in dramas. But five years from now, you’ll likely look back on the past 12 months and recognize not a turning point, but an unmistakable moment within a slow sea change in South Florida theater.

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