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Words Have Special Meaning In Guild’s Tuesdays With Morrie

Boca Raton Theatre Guild’s production of Tuesdays With Morrie has increasing resonance for Boomers caring for their parents.

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Boca Theatre Guild’s Everyday Rapture Captivates Musically, Speck of a Story Less Appealing

Boca Raton Theatre Guild’s Everyday Rapture is bliss and it’s the reason to get yourself to the Willow Theatre. Jodie Langel, Ann Marie Olson and Leah Sessa possess some of the best voices you’ll hear in Florida musical theater. Yet no matter how hard they try to sell it, the work itself never really hits a peak.

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The Coming South Florida Theater Season Is As Much About Where As What

Usually there isn’t anything sexy or newsworthy about real estate in the world of theater unless it’s Glengarry Glen Ross. But as the season approaches, South Florida hasn’t seen so much packing and unpacking, opening tubes of Ben Gay, filling out of change-of-address cards, remodeling, scanning blueprints and updating websites as in the past season and the one coming up

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News: Unheralded Openings, Iris Acker Honored, Island City Adds A “Girl,” BRTG Delays Rapture

New news briefs in brief about about the very stuff dreams are made of to quote the guy born 450 years ago this week.

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Actresses’ Efforts Inject Passion Into Stilted Talky Mamet Philosophy-Fest, The Anarchist

Not every show is a home run. But that doesn’t deprive the audience of an interesting night when talented actresses make a flawed script land as well as can be hoped. Patti Gardner and Jacqueline Laggy are worth watching spar in David Mamet’s decidedly difficult mess of a script, The Anarchist.

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Respect Is A Musical Revue That Actually Deserves Respect

So, here’s a happy surprise: The revival of the empowerment musical Respect, A Musical Journey of Women at Boca Raton Theatre Guild is so superior to most of the ubiquitous second-rate revues that your discernment may need a double-take to make sure this show is really being done this well.

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A Quiet, Lazy Holiday: 29 Shows Play South Florida This Month

There may be 12 days of Christmas, eight days of Hannukah and seven days of Kwanzaa, but there are 31 days of theater in South Florida underscored by the coming week in which at least 11 shows are opening in addition to at least 11 already open and at least seven more opening later.

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Margot Moreland & Oscar Cheda Are Playing Your Song In Boca

Margot Moreland and Oscar Cheda’s presence in Boca Raton Theatre Guild’s production of They’re Playing Our Song is, indeed, more than enough reason to see this tuneful but far from iconic 1978 musical by Neil Simon, Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer-Sager.

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Florida’s 2013-2014 Season Champions New & Newish Works

Encouraging trends emerge while poking among the entrails of the new season schedules for South Florida theater. Among them: an emphasis on new and newer works as producers and artistic directors try to seduce younger audiences, meaning people under 70.

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BRTG’s Chicago Is Entertaining But Needs More Razzle Dazzle

A muted clarinet makes beautiful music, but sometimes what’s called for is the blare of a clarion trumpet and the insolent snap of a snare drum. That’s the problem facing the almost but never quite satisfying Boca Raton Theatre Guild production of the Kander & Ebb musical Chicago.

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