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Welcome to Hairspray’s Dream of the 60s at the Arsht Center

COVID CLOSED In this fourth or fifth reconnection with the glee-filled and glee-inducing musical comedy Hairspray, a truly apt term, what surfaced at the national tour’s all too brief bow at the Arsht Center this week was how this charmer is actually about dreams.

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Theaters Rolling Out The Titles For 2018-2019 Season, Part 1

If it’s February, then theater companies are taking advantage of the visiting snowbirds presence to announce what they hope will be an enticing slate of titles for the 2018-19 season.

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Delray Beach Actor Having Time of His Life in Dirty Dancing Tour

78-year-old Delray Beach actor Alan Scharf is loving the featured role in the national tour of Dirty Dancing.

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The Illusionists: Hi-Tech Dazzle Boosts Classic Stage Magic

Effectively cloaked in high-tech flourishes from pounding music to a rock concert-worthy light show plus classic theatrical accoutrements like dancers, The Illusionists gathers seven inventive and distinctly different magicians in an enthralling show.

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Hirschman’s Solely Subjective Summation Of Shows That Shouldn’t Be Missed 2016-17

These are not at all necessarily what we predict will be the best shows this season (although they may be) or the best attended or the most popular or the most award-winning. We don’t care. These are the shows we most want to see for a variety of reasons. The list is woefully incomplete, likely with major but unintentional omissions.

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Tour Of Revival Of The Revival Of Cabaret Is Shatteringly Relevant This Political Season

The new tour of Cabaret does not break a shred of new ground artistically; it intentionally recreates the 1998 revival in which Sam Mendes reimagined the initial vision by amping up the debauchery factor by a factor of ten. Yet, the resonances of this half-century-old work, now in this specific moment in American history, are shattering.

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The Phantom Of The Opera Sings Again At The Arsht

There’s something interesting about seeing at the Arsht Center a national tour of the 30-year-old Phantom of the Opera for the who-knows-which time. It’s amazing that people who have performed show three hundred times have not lost their edge as even the best professionals do over time. Instead, they have discovered all the colors and nuances possible in the work, and deliver them with confidence and brio.

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The Hills Come Alive With Fresh Take On The Sound of Music

How do you solve a problem of taking a 56-year old American musical classic and making it fresh for a modern audience? If you’re director Jack O’Brien, you lovingly dust the tarnish off of The Sound of Music and imbue it with a freshness that’s as crisp as the snow-covered Austrian Alps.

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Kinky Boots Has Hot Star But Otherwise Not Much Of A Kick

The national tour of Kinky Boots was a well-polished evening of musical comedy with soulful ballads and glitzy production numbers, but this construction felt so manipulative, so by-the-numbers as if it, too, came off a factory production line.

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Not Your Grandma’s Theater: The 2015-2016 Season In SoFla

South Florida theaters still mount familiar warhorses, but the 2015-2016 season is proof that companies realize the future of theater is to attract pre-retirement audiences with shows steaming fresh out of Manhattan, edgy intellectually challenging works, imaginative takes on familiar titles, regional premieres of shows you only read about in The New York Times over the past few years and some shows you have never heard of, period.

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