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Parade Productions’ Undo Charts Divorce By Replaying Wedding In Reverse

Undo’s premise – a Jewish divorce ceremony that rewinds a couple’s wedding day — sounds so much like a sitcom episode that you keep expecting it to slide into shallow farce. But it doesn’t. The script is shot through with mordant gallows humor, but Parade Productions’ edition keeps excavating the marrow of marital and familial relationships.

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Parade Productions’ Brooklyn Boy Is Mildly Funny, Mildly Moving But Flawed Evening

Avi Hoffman’s performance as a troubled writer, struggling to deal with success but escape his past, is one of the virtues in the promising but flawed inaugural offering from Parade Productions, a professional company performing in Mizner Park. There’s a lot of talent here working very hard, but not a lot of electricity emanating from the elegiac, mildly funny, mildly moving tale.

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