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Talkin’ In The Green Room With…. Ron Hutchins

Lithe and graceful, Ron Hutchins stands out in any theater lobby on opening night, often noticeable for a quiet laugh that sounds like it’s coming up out of a coal chute in the basement. But he’s obviously most comfortable sculpting a dance routine out of human raw materials whether they are highly accomplished professionals or, as often happens, raw young students.

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The Joint At The Wick’s Ain’t Misbehavin’ Starts Jumpin’ After Intermission

Something remarkable happened opening night when the band played the entr’acte to the second half of the Wick Theatre’s Ain’t Misbehavin’. What had been a merely competent if unremarkable evening of entertainment suddenly transformed. The joint, finally, was jumpin’ and it stayed that way much of the second half.

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Pippin May Feel A Bit Threadbare, But BRTG Delivers Vibrant Performances

Those big budget companies make productions with much smaller budgets such as Boca Raton Theatre Guild seem to be missing something – when, in fact, their Pippin this season has outstanding elements that are just as fine as those found in better heeled-companies.

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Come And Meet Those Dancing Feet At The Wick ‘s 42nd Street

That percussive sound rolling through Boca Raton this weekend was the deafening echo of 32 tap shoes pounding the stage of The Wick Theatre’s glorious production of 42nd Street.

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BRTG’s Chicago Is Entertaining But Needs More Razzle Dazzle

A muted clarinet makes beautiful music, but sometimes what’s called for is the blare of a clarion trumpet and the insolent snap of a snare drum. That’s the problem facing the almost but never quite satisfying Boca Raton Theatre Guild production of the Kander & Ebb musical Chicago.

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